Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are your products of high quality?

    Indeed. We take great pains to ascertain the quality of each product, its manufacturer and the supplier before we add it to our catalog. Most of our products are manufactured by renowned and established brands. So shopping with us, not only you get a wide variety of products to choose from, but you must also be sure that you are shopping for hand picked best quality genuine products.

  2. Would buying from you mean paying higher than market price for the products?

    Absolutely not. In fact, you are paying lower prices. As with ascertaining the quality of the products, we strive hard to get best deals from the manufacturers. That means, we position and assert ourselves in such a way that the advantage of a deal tilt in favour of our customers rather than the other side. You will hardly find a similar example in the market.

  3. Do you offer money back guarantee?

    Yes, we take the hassle out of shopping online. You have got 30 days to change your mind. Although we are so confident that you will not do so, but if you do, you are covered. You return us our item, we return you your money. In many cases, the returns are free of cost.

  4. What kind of offers do you add to your website? What is the frequency of those offers?

    We add daily and weekly offers for our customers. Each offer amounts to 10-70% discount if you buy the item the same day or within a week. So make sure you watch out for the offer everyday and every week and don't miss out on the chance to buy when you see a deal offered for your favourite item.

  5. I am a loyal customer. Do you have a loyalty reward program as such?

    Certainly, we do run a generous loyalty program in that you get points for every purchase you make. The more you buy, the more points you raise. Once your points reach a certain threshold, you can cash in by ordering your favourite item(s) equaling the value of your points for free.

  6. How good is your support?

    You have got a question or want a resolution of a problem, don't you worry! Our support is on stand by. Contact us either by online chat, contact form, email or phone. Our team will try to answer all your questions and resolve your problem as soon as possible.

  7. Is it safe to make payments for purchases on your website?

    Absolutely yes. Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer which encrypts your data so that it stays secure all the time. Moreover we use only renowned and highly trusted merchant accounts like Paypal and Stripe to process your payment. Your data is transmitted directly from their plugins to their servers and processed on their servers. We DO NOT read or save your payment information at any point before or after a transaction is processed.